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Grammar Series 2: Parts of Speech

To communicate effectively, you must understand the different roles that words play in sentences. The parts of speech – verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, articles, and interjections – are the very building blocks of the English language. Lots of folks find these labels confusing – this program will help you make sense of them!

Before you begin studying, let us make a few recommendations. First, have a notebook and pen ready so you’re prepared to take notes. You’ll probably want to use the many on-screen graphics to take notes for yourself – when you’re done, you’ll have a notebook on English grammar that you can refer back to again and again.

Secondly, don’t forget to take advantage of your “pause” button while viewing the program. This will allow you to try to complete the exercises in this study guide before you view the answers onscreen.

Finally, don’t try to absorb too much at one time. By viewing the program over a number of short sessions (instead of all at once), you’ll stay “fresher” and retain more of what you learn. And don’t forget: you can review the entire program, or specific sections, as many times as you need to!

Now you can eliminate embarrassing mistakes from your speaking and writing forever. Let Video Aided Instruction be your guide!

Để giao tiếp tiếng Anh hiệu quả, bạn cần hiểu được rằng các từ đóng các vai trò thế nào trong câu. Các thành phần của câu, động từ,  danh từ, tính từ, trạng từ, giới từ, liên từ, mạo từ, thán từ, là những thành phần xây dựng nên tiếng Anh. Rất nhiều người học tiếng anh cảm thấy sự liên kết giữa các thành phần này rất khó để hiểu và chương tringh Grammar Series 2 này sẽ giúp hiểu được chúng…

—– Bài Tập —–

Lesson 1 – Verbs, Nouns, and Pronouns
Exercise 1

Directions: Read each of the following sentences. Then underline each noun once, underline each verb twice, and circle each pronoun.

  1. When Nichole read the letter, she realized that she must change the plans for her vacation.
  2. Henry Ford created the Model T, which was for many years the most popular car in the world.
  3. Is anyone in your class interested in attending next week’s seminar on Italian painting?
  4. Tim bought several beautiful rugs while he was traveling in Turkey.
  5. When you are designing a bridge, safety is the most important consideration.

Lesson 2 – Adjectives, Articles, and Adverbs
Exercise 2

Directions: Read each of the following sentences. Then underline each adjective once, underline each article twice, and circle each adverb.

  1. When water in a lake is deeply tinged with red, a heavy growth of algae is present.
  2. If Peter has enough free time next summer, he will visit southern Italy on his vacation.
  3. Auto racing is generally considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world.
  4. “Silver Blaze” was recently selected as the best story about the adventures of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.
  5. The veterinarian arrived too late to save the injured bird.

Lesson 3 – Connecting Words
Exercise 3

  1. Directions: Read each of the following sentences. Then underline each conjunction and circle each preposition.
  2. If gasoline prices keep rising, driving to work will become more and more expensive.
  3. In my opinion, Picasso was the greatest painter of the twentieth century, and one of the greatest of any era.
  4. Neither the coach nor the players could explain the dismal performance turned in by the soccer team against their local rivals.
  5. According to most surveys, parents usually prefer sending their children to schools located in the neighborhoods where they live.
  6. We missed the last bus of the night, so we traveled to Oakland by taxi instead.

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