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Grammar Series 4: Verbs

The verb is the heart of every sentence. It communi-cates all of the action, and gives the sentence mean-ing by saying something about the subject. In this informative program, you’ll learn how the context of the sentence dictates which verb tense to use, and you’ll even learn how to tackle those tricky irregular verbs!

Before you begin studying, let us make a few recom-mendations. First, have a notebook and pen ready so you’re prepared to take notes. You’ll probably want to use the many on-screen graphics to take notes for yourself – when you’re done, you’ll have a notebook on English grammar that you can refer back to again and again.

Secondly, don’t forget to take advantage of your “pause” button while viewing the program. This will allow you to try to complete the exercises in this study guide before you view the answers on-screen.

Finally, don’t try to absorb too much at one time. By viewing the program over a number of short sessions (instead of all at once), you’ll stay “fresher” and retain more of what you learn. And don’t forget: you can review the entire program, or specific sections, as many times as you need to!

Now you can eliminate embarrassing mistakes from your speaking and writing forever. Let Video Aided Instruction be your guide!

Động từ là trung tâm của mỗi câu. Nó giao tiếp tất cả các hành động, và cho ta nghĩa của 1 câu nói về chủ đề. Trong chương trình, bạn sẽ tìm hiểu làm thế nào bối cảnh của câu mệnh lệnh thì động từ để sử dụng, và thậm chí bạn sẽ tìm hiểu làm thế nào để giải quyết những  khó khăn với động từ bất quy tắc!

—– Bài tập —–

Lesson 1 – Verb Tenses
Exercise 1
Directions: In each of the following sentences, a verb is underlined. Using clues from the meaning of the sentence, decide whether the tense of the verb is correct or incorrect. If it is incorrect, decide what verb tense would be correct, and rewrite the sentence.

  1. I am a student at the Henderson Academy; I study there for the past two years.
  2. By the time of our arrival in Houston next Sunday, we have traveled over five hundred miles.
  3. Before he sprained his ankle, Charles exercises in the weight room three times a week.
  4. When she applied for her job at the airline, Diane stated that she had served in the U.S. Air Force.
  5. Last month, Luis has captured his third consecutive championship in a college swim meet.

Lesson 2 – Irregular Verbs
Exercise 2
Directions: In each of the following sentences, an irregular verb is underlined. Decide whether or not the form of the irregular verb is correct. If it is incorrect, decide what the correct form would be.

  1. The mechanic examined the car and discovered that the accident had broken its rear axle.
  2. Last January, thirty members of the Polar Bear Club swum in the frigid waters of Long Island Sound.
  3. By the time Gary arrived at the restaurant, Maria had went home.
  4. With a triumphant grin, Sam lain his cards face up on the table and declared, “Three kings!”
  5. The famous Boys Choir of Harlem has sung in concert halls throughout the United States.

Lesson 3 – The Subjunctive Mood
Exercise 3
Directions: In each of the following sentences, a verb in the subjunctive mood is required. Fill in the blank with the correct subjunctive form of the verb whose infinitive form appears at the end of the sentence.

  1. If the captain __________________ that the storm was coming, he would have insisted on returning to port. (know)
  2. Although Paul has a successful career as a lawyer, he still wishes he __________________ a rock musi-cian. (be)
  3. The doctor recommended that Andrea __________________ a diet restricted to low-salt, low-fat foods. (eat)
  4. Wouldn’t you be happy if you __________________ the next race? (win)
  5. The new law passed by the City Council requires that the Mayor __________________ a budget for approval no later than April first. (submit)


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