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100 Cụm Động Từ Dùng Làm Câu Mệnh Lệnh

Trong tiếng Anh có rất nhiều những cụm động từ (cụm động từ gồm một động từ đi kèm với trạng từ hoặc giới từ, nó tạo ra nghĩa khác so với nghĩa gốc của động từ đó) có thể sử dụng như một câu hoặc một mệnh lệnh. Nếu bạn nào hay xem phim Anh ngữ, chắc hẳn sẽ nhiều lần nghe thấy những câu mệnh lệnh như: Back off!, Come down!, Calm down!… rất nhiều, nhưng các bạn có thực sự hiểu nghĩa của những mệnh lệnh đó?

Hãy xem bảng dưới đây, tôi đã sưu tầm được, 100 câu mệnh lệnh bằng tiếng Anh thông dụng nhất. Danh sách này sẽ rất quan trọng với bạn vì người ta sử dụng rất nhiều lần những cụm này. Học tiếng Anh mà nghe những từ này không hiểu thì quê lắm :) – Nghĩa của những cụm từ này mình xin để tiếng Anh để các bạn luyện tư duy bằng tiếng Anh. Khó quá thì kêu mình mình gửi bản dịch tiếng Việt cho nha :)

STT Cụm Động Từ Giải thích nghĩa
1 Back away! move backwards, away from something frightening or dangerous
2 Back off! (slang – rude) stop bothering or threatening someone
3 Back up! move backwards; step backwards; drive backwards
4 Bear down! push or press down hard
5 Bend down! lean over and forward; lean down
6 Bend over! lean forward from the waist
7 Breathe in! take a breath in; take air into the lungs
8 Breathe out! take a breath out; push air out of the lungs
9 Brighten up! be cheerful; be happier
10 Buckle down! start working, studying, or doing something else seriously
11 Buddy up! find a partner
12 Bugger off! (slang – rude) Go away!
13 Butt out! (slang ­– rude) don’t interfere
14 Buzz off! (slang – rude) Go away!
15 Calm down! relax, don’t be angry, don’t be upset, don’t be worried
16 Carry on! keep doing what you were doing
17 Cheer up! be happier; don’t be sad
18 Chill out! relax; don’t be upset or angry
19 Clean up! clean yourself or your surroundings
20 Close down! close a shop or business so it is not operating
21 Come back! return to where you were
22 Come down! move down off something high
come south
23 Come on! (encouraging someone) do what I am telling you to do
(not believing someone) I don’t believe you
(rushing someone) move faster
24 Come in! enter a closed space
25 Come out! leave a closed space
26 Come over! come to my house; come to where I am
27 Come up! move to a higher place
28 Cool down! Relax; don’t be upset or angry
29 Cover up! put on more clothes
30 Double up! form pairs because space or resources are limited
31 Dream on! (slang) I don’t think what you have just said will happen
32 Drink up! finish your drink
33 Eat up! finish your food
34 Fess up! (slang) confess / admit what you did; tell the truth about what you did
35 Finish up! finish what you have been doing
36 Fuck off! (slang – very, very rude) Go away!
37 Gather around! make a group and come together in one place
38 Gear up! get ready to do something
39 Get away! move away; run away; escape
40 Get down! come down from a high place
41 Get in! go inside something, like a car or bus
42 Get off! go out of something, like a bus or train
43 Get on! climb on board something moving or about to start moving, like a train
44 Get out! (slang ­– rude) Leave this place! (used when angry at someone)
45 Get up! become awake; don’t sleep
46 Give up! stop doing what you’re doing
give yourself to the police or authorities
47 Go around! move to where you need to go by passing some obstacle instead of going straight
48 Go away! leave the place where you are
49 Go back! return to where you were
50 Go on! continue what you were saying
51 Grow up! behave in a mature way; don’t act like a child
52 Hang on! wait
hold tight
53 Hang up! end the phone call
54 Hold on! waithold this tight or you might fall
55 Hurry up! do whatever you are doing quickly, whether it’s physical or mental
56 Keep away! stay away; do not go near
57 Keep out! stay outside; do not enter
58 Lace up! tie your shoelaces; put on your shoes
59 Lay off! (slang – rude) stop doing something that bothers someone
60 Lie down! put your body in a horizontal position; relax on a bed or sofa
61 Lighten up! cheer up; don’t be so serious or worried
62 Line up! make or form a line
63 Listen up! listen carefully
64 Loosen up! (slang) relax; don’t be so stressed
65 Move along! keep moving; don’t stop in this spot
66 Move back! move to a place in the back
67 Move forward! move to a place in the front
68 Move on! continue your life; go on with your life
69 Open up! Open the door!
70 Perk up! cheer up; don’t be sad
71 Press on! keep doing what you need to do; don’t give up
72 Pull back! move backward
73 Quieten down! stop being noisy
74 Queue up! Make or form a line
75 Saddle up! Get ready to ride a horse by putting the saddle on the horse
76 Scoot over! (slang) move to make space for someone else
77 Stand up! stand
78 Shut up! (slang – rude) be quiet; stop talking
79 Sit down! sit; be seated
80 Sit up! sit straight in your chair, bed, etc.
81 Smarten up! become more intelligent and aware of what’s happening around you
82 Speak up! talk louder
83 Speed up! move faster
84 Stand up! stand
85 Stay away! don’t go near
86 Straighten up! stand straight; do not bend
87 Stretch out! lie down comfortably
88 Sum up! summarize
89 Take off! leave fast
90 Tidy up! clean the place; put things in the right places
91 Turn back! go backwards
92 Turn over! move your body so that the other side faces up
93 Wait up! wait for me to catch up with you
94 Wake up! don’t sleep anymore; become awake
95 Walk away! leave a difficult situation
96 Walk out! leave a situation because you do not approve of something
leave someone (leave a relationship)
97 Watch out! be very careful
98 Work away! continue working
99 Write back! reply to a letter or email

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